ELE-GO | A Breakthrough in the E-Scooter Industry

ELE-GO | A Breakthrough in the E-Scooter Industry


We are excited to announce a breakthrough in the electric scooter industry. We have been fans of scooters for some time now – when electric scooters came to the scene it was a game changer. However, we weren’t satisfied with what was out there - heavy e-scooters with wires all over and an old-school digital display screen. The industry wasn’t developing fast enough. Even carbon fiber frames, which made them less heavy, couldn’t help their bulky, outdated look.

We are thrilled to reveal the launch of ELE-GO, the lightest carbon fiber foldable electric scooter weighing only 6.9kg. Here is an e-scooter with a sleek design, completely wireless with an integrated LED screen. It’s designed for a new generation of individuals living a fast-paced lifestyle where freedom in mobility is key. Check out our launch video.

It goes up to 20km/hour, with two optional-speeds and a 2-hour recharge time, for a range of 20 km. It has a 450-watt brushless motor in the front wheel, equipped with a regenerative braking system. It’s made with 100% pure carbon fiber, which makes it sturdy and safe to ride.

In fact, the ingenuity of ELE-GO lies on the inside. Its modular design reinvents maintenance in the electric scooter industry. We took it apart for you to see for yourself (see above image). 

First, unscrew the handlebars. Next, unscrew two bolts to pull out the controller and the battery from the front pole. Then, unplug the battery from the controller. Another few screws to separate the front wheel, which contains the brushless motor, from the pole. And done!

Simple and straightforward. No mess, no wires! Anyone can do it, which is groundbreaking news for maintaining your e-scooter. This puts the control back in the user’s hands. If you need to maintain a part of your ELE-GO, all you need to do is send the related component back, as oppose to shipping the entire scooter. Luckily enough, putting it back together is just as simple as taking it apart.  

Its slim carbon fiber deck feels extremely sturdy, but flexible and shock absorbent, for a smooth ride. You can place your feet comfortably, one in front of the other, with easy access to both braking systems an electronic control located near the left handlebar and a rear fender brake. You can switch on the front LED light which gives you wide visibility and the back red light for safety. Its compact, sleek design makes it the ideal solution for transportation in the city.



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