A Day with my ELE-GO

A Day with my ELE-GO
This story is a part of our “E-Rider Series” which is a collection of moments our customers have had with their ELE-GOs. We listen, get inspired and write down their experience. If you have any meaningful moments with your ELE-GO you want to share in our E-Rider Series, pop us an email at social@ele-go.com. You can either choose to remain anonymous or choose to share your name.


Opening your eyes in the morning and realizing it’s Saturday. I think that might be one of the best feelings in the world. As I get up to wash, my mind goes into overdrive as I struggle to put a list of things together that I need to get done this weekend. Staring back at my reflection, I see tired, weary-eyes looking back at me. It had been a long week and I need a break.

Looking out the window, I feel the sunshine on my face and immediately decide to go have breakfast at the coffee shop, ideally located near the bank that I had to visit today. I put on my most comfortable shoes, jeans and sweater, I immediately feel different. It’s nice not being in a suit. A strange feeling, but a nice one – like walking barefoot on grass.  

I grab my folded ELE-GO and drop it in the trunk of my car. I turn on the radio and hear the warm, raspy voice of Norah Jones. Perfect, I think, as I turn up the volume and drive into the city.

I find an empty parking spot slightly farther than anticipated. It’s about a 10-minute walk to the coffee shop and a 25-minute walk to the bank. Not a problem, I think, as I park and unfold my ELE-GO. I get on and ride it to the coffee shop, while onlookers turn to look at me fly by. With the wind blowing, I feel free suddenly as my inner child awakens. Distracted by my thoughts, I race by and miss the coffee shop. I make a U-turn and head back.

Finally there, I grab a coffee and sit by the window with a cheese panini in tow. Taking out the kickstand, I stand my ELE-GO by the table. As I take my first sip of coffee, I’m filled with a rich aroma that reminds me of my childhood home when my mom used to make coffee for her and my father before going to work. I decide that I would make the time today and give them a call.

Glancing at my watch, I realize I need to get going if I’m going to make it to the bank before they close for the weekend. Putting my food away, I get on my ELE-GO and head over to the bank. Again, I get there faster than anticipated and take a ticket with a number. I fold my ELE-GO and place it under my seat. Luckily enough, I was next in line. The security man comes up to me and asks what’s that I have under my seat. I take it out and show him my ELE-GO. He’s impressed and I promise to come back later and let him take it for a ride. I was next so I walk over to the bank teller. By the time I finish, I realize I have about a half hour to kill before meeting up with some friends.

Riding my ELE-GO through the city, I feel the sun on my arms and shoulders. It feels good. The road suddenly dips and I go downhill. I hit the brakes and slow down just enough to feel the butterflies in my stomach as I zoom downhill. I see a park to my left and immediately turn and ride into it. People walk by, couples hold hands, families have picnics on the grass. I look at my watch again and realize only 10 minutes had passed.

I stop my ELE-GO and get off. Bringing out the kickstand, I place it beside me as I begin to take off my shoes and socks. People stop and stare, I ignore them. I want to feel the grass on my bare feet. Closing my eyes, I walk in a straight line and try to keep balance. As my feet crunch into the cool grass, I think, so this is how people disconnect. Thinking about all the worries I had at work that week, feels very far away. I sit there for some time, gazing into the greenery.

I ride to the gym to see my friends for a game of squash. I fold my ELE-GO and bring it inside with me. They immediately see me holding it and start asking me questions. One of them takes it for a ride inside the lobby. The receptionist tells us we can’t ride it indoors. I hold it up high over my head to impress her and look back at her with a cheeky grin. She smiles, shakes her head, and looks back at her screen.

After some time, we settle down and play a game of squash. By the end of it, I’m sweating and feeling both drained but more alive than ever. We go upstairs to grab a bite from the coffee shop at the gym. We talk about the usual – complaints about our stressful jobs and plans for our next vacation. I say my goodbyes and head out.

I get on my ELE-GO, feeling relieved I don’t need to walk back to the car this exhausted. It's getting a bit dark out so I turn on my front and backlight just in case. I locate my car, fold my ELE-GO and put it in the trunk.

As I head home, I reflect on my day feeling like I took advantage of every moment. Using my ELE-GO, allows me to be in control of my time and help my mind focus on the present moment and experience it fully.

Thinking about getting home and taking a nice, hot shower makes me push harder down on the gas pedal. I look into the rearview mirror and see fresh, bright eyes looking back at me. Today was a good day, I think and smile to myself.



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